Manoj Tiwari Takes A Dig At Deepika Padukone After He Name Emerged In Drug Chats


Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has found herself in some deep troubles after the death case of SSR made a sensational development after they found a drug-related probe. Deepika’s name has now emerged in drug chats and the fans are very, very furious.  In the leaked Whatsapp chats, which are from 2017, saw Deepika enquiring about drugs.

Now, hitting out on her, actor turned politician Manoj Tiwary has targeted In the leaked Whatsapp chats, which are from 2017, saw Deepika enquiring about drugs. Talking about her in an interview, Manoj Tiwary said that the stars whose names are coming should follow the law. He said:

“The people whose name is coming out after opening the connection of drugs is very surprising. I can say it well that it is not that the entire Bollywood is involved. There are some people, whose name is coming and whose name is coming, they should strictly follow the law.”

He added:


‘Whatever it may be and how big a name it is, because now it is not just some part of Bollywood to indulge in drugs. The message that has been sent to the whole country is going to cause terrible harm to the future. Now you think that Deepika Padukone’s name comes, which many people consider as their role model. When his name is coming up in the use of drugs, I understand that the responsibility of NCB increases a lot. Whoever is involved in this should take strict action and should also be punished. He has targeted the newcomers of Bollywood and said that it is quite disgusting and surprising.”

In another interview, Manoj Tiwary targeted Deepika Padukone for her recently released drug chat and also connected it with her support to JNU’s alleged ‘tukde-tukde’ gang. He said:

“Deepika Padukone takes drugs and after taking drugs, the effect is that she stands with anti-nationals. Now it will have to be discovered whether the idea becomes anti-national even after taking drugs.”

Meanwhile, NCB is all set to send a summons to actresses including Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor and Rakul Preet Singh, whose names were revealed by Rhea Chakraborty in the drug angle of the case.