Here’s The Truth Behind The Unseen Video Of SSR That Has Gone Viral

While Rhea Chakraborty got arrested in connection to the mysterious suicide case of the actor Sushant Singh Rajput, there are a few videos surfacing online of the alleged lovers.

In one video recorded by Rhea, she asks Sushant about the book that he was reading while they talk about their next Ludo game. The next video shows how she calls him cute while somebody off-camera asked Sushant if he has taken his medicines. Sushant nods but Rhea says she saw him popping only his morning pills!

Here we have one of the videos that a Twitter user has shared:

“I can’t believe this that a intelligent, Sharp minded and a successful person like


how did he get habbit of drugs addiction But I know one thing a person who loves somebody can’t support in taking drugs So #RheaChakraborty is the real culprit #Justics #SushantUnseenVideo”

While some people got convinced by the way ZEE News was trying to find a relation of this video to the entire conundrum, some people unabashedly thought it was yet again another lame move added to spice up the case.

“Nonsense. Ye coding ki maths hai . Tum logo ki samjh ki nahi hai. First go and learn binary addition. Then you’ll get to know why 1+1=0.”

You go to Bihar during winter and move around villages and you will find every nook and corner ganja and bhang user are available and #SSR may be using from his college days as he also from Bihar,did narcotics dept try to find since when he was using ganja?”

“He is just being cute and these r personal videos. Many of us would do crazy stuff in presence of close ones. That doesn’t mean we are drugged! For god sake cherish the videos. It’s a glimpse into his moments. Precious Sush <3”

“Oh bhai ye Rhea ne drugs diya hai Sushant ko aur uske baad ye video banaya hai samjhe na aur yahi dikha ke use blackmail karti hogi ki ye public kr dungi breakup kar doge to iseleye Sushant breakup nahi kar paa raha tha isse…”

“Also, it was pre planned to record these videos. This proves Sushant’s dad’s earlier claims that she wanted to prove Sushant as mad in media since he knew she has recorded these videos.”

Rhea Chakraborty got arrested on September 7, 2020, under the grounds of being part of the drug cartel of Bollywood and procuring money in return of the narcotic substances along with the late actor.

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