Twitterati React As The NCB Arrests Rhea Chakraborty After 3 Days Of Grilling

In an absolute drastic development, Rhea Chakraborty will be arrested by NCB, after she confessed to consuming Marijuana alongside other hard drugs.

She is the primary convict against whom the Indian populace has passed her verdict, claiming that it was her who played an emphatic role in driving Sushant Singh Rajput to his death.

She also indicted other Bollywood stars who according to her are regular consumers of hard drugs. Things got out of hand when Basit Parihar, the drug peddler who was responsible for supplying drugs to the actress was nabbed.

She is scheduled to undergo a medical test shortly to substantiate the fact that whatever she is speaking is true. Now on the news of her being arrested cascading like wildfire, Indian audience had decided to celebrate this massive development as they waged a long war against Sushant’s perpetrators (if found any).

We will look at the tweets where the audience made it loud and clear about justice being meted out.

Republic TV tweeted, “#RheaArrested | Rhea Chakraborty is totally exposed in the sense that she had a connection with drug peddlers. This has been established, that is why she has been arrested: Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey.”

Another user cited, “Appreciation tweet for all SSRians who are continuously fighting for his justice. Police were in a hurry to close this case but his fans kept on fighting, From daily trends to silent protest, Finally Rhea Chakraborty Chakraborty Arrested #RheaArrested

Another user posted, “Showik stole his clothes too ,can’t imagine the level of their greed!
Kitne bhikhari logo k beech fass gaye the Sushant😞

Next is #BabyPenguine”

Another user tweeted, “You don’t have to worry about That uncle !!

Next are them only !!!

And also, Tch Tch Tch your favorite client whom you have interviewed came all the way to Mumbai during covid for her “Friendly interview” you couldn’t save her !


The tweets started getting more questioning as another user claimed, “So finally it’s the drug consumption angle that held till the end.
The vishkanya, money laundering, kala jadoo, murder everything else failed?


Happiness seemed bloated as another user claimed, “#RheaArrested within 19days of Invistigation by NCB and CBI . Finally !! TruthAlwaysWins

Another user claimed, “This woman has defamed a dead person, called him a drug addict, defamed his family members! Just wait, justice will be served! #RheaArrested”

There was another user who wanted to show a different angle and posted, “In a relationship, broke up, blamed for killing him, made a national villain , family hounded, now arrested for drugs, a crime she was never accused of ? #CongratulationsIndia , it’s not media trials anymore but media executions #RheaArrested”.

Another user posted, “Rhea Chakraborty Arrested. Sorry Babu you are Naughty!

Congratulations All!

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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