Madhav Sharma Exposed Swara Bhaskar’s Hypocrisy And She Had No Answer

Since the time the Shivsena leader Sanjay Raut has called Kangana Ranaut a “haramkhor ladki” on camera, it has caused a bit of a stir on twitter.

A famous twitter handle @HashTagCricket posted Raut’s byte and tagged the Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker asking her why she is silent now when she calls herself the flag-bearer of feminism.

Swara responded to the tweet saying she would start believing in the feminism of the right wing supporters the day they stop abusing her. In the same tweet, Swara also added that Sanjay Raut should not have used such a word for any woman.

But, @HashTagCricket was having none of it. He made it absolutely clear that he himself had never used an abusive word for either Swara or any of the actresses in the Bollywood, but he is very keen to know why people, who call themselves feminists, are hesitating to take a stand for a woman who is now getting harassed by the men in power.

@HashTagCricket also added another tweet to that thread asking Swara why her tone while addressing Sanjay Raut is not aggressive enough.

When she has to address the BJP leaders, she is quite aggressive, but now that she is addressing a leader of some other party, who has said something rude against a woman, why is she polite?

Swara has not yet responded to @HashTagCricket’s second tweet, but Sanjay Raut, in the meantime, has said that he will contemplate apologizing to Kangana for his remark, but only if Kangana apologizes to the whole Maharashtra as well.

“If that girl will apologise to Maharashtra, then I will think about it. She calls Mumbai a mini Pakistan. Does she have the courage to say the same about Ahmedabad?” Raut was quoted as saying.


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