9 Images That Show What ‘Real’ Pain Looks Like


Have you ever felt so much anger and pain together that isn’t everlasting but is triggered by a picture of someone trying to smash the kind of objects that you love and put them through some immense torture? They aren’t personal but they share a knack for being personal on social media.

We will look at nine photographs which will not just irk you but they will also leave you angry and frustrated. Most importantly, they will make you feel that pain which the pictures articulate.


  1. Wheels up in Huawei!

This may pretty much be the work of a dad, who was absolutely furious with the fact that his kid is not going to study. However, let’s face the fact. This kid was overwhelmingly into cycling and his phone which is of the brand Huawei. So the father takes the phone and rattles it into the cycle chain and peddles a kilometre or two and boom! The impact!



  1. Zero regards for construction!

If you believe in constructing roads that would be concrete, layers of concrete protections are needed. Now in its initial phase, it will be wet and you will have to protect it from anyone. You leave the site for a jiffy and the animals take over proudly what is theirs!


  1. Lock, Aim, Fire!

Even wondered what would a bull’s eye be for a parent when he sees his kid totally engrossed in his phone? The question has just been answered. However, it is more fun when you get to practice your target with the phones at the receiving end, tied like a docile bull’s eye.


  1. Burn, pizza, burnnnnnnnnnnnn!

If you do not know how to make your loved one go on diet from a pizza, this is your snap to nirvana. Cook an absolutely fried Pizza that will rot in hell in its soot-clad apparition.


  1. Table Ninja? Is that even a game?

Excited by his newly found slashing ability, this person dug his blade deep enough into the fish and the support that it was placed on. Is S.H.I.E.L.D even watching? We have a probably gifted individual here.


  1. Fly high, phonie, fly high! You are free!

In an intriguing stunt, this young man took his phone along with him on his adventurous jump from the chopper. Let it roll, slowly, slowly and let it just be calm! Alright, the phone’s out on his way to Madagascar!


  1. A superhero act!

The question is which superhero are we seeing here? Is it Iron man or Super Man? You have to be someone with muscles to get the car up here. John Abraham, maybe?


  1. Okay then, your ticket’s toast!

This man bought his tickets to a game with his seat rooted behind a pillar. So much for the ambience.


  1. Yes, kid, you are en route in becoming the next Zohan

This young kid wanted to try his stunt with his dad’s head and it is nothing short of a canvas with the kid painting away to his heart’s will.