Twitterati Trolled Arjun Kapoor Even After He Tested Positive For COVID 19

Amidst the entire furore that has grabbed social media for all the wrong reasons relating to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, another piece of news took Bollywood industry by surprise as Arjun Kapoor tested positive for COVID 19.

Taking to Instagram, he announced that he has tested positive for the virus and has also isolated himself to contain the spread of the virus.


With the consistent rise in the number of cases in India, situations are getting out of hand and even the most elite personalities of the nation are falling prey to this menacing virus.

As he is en route to his recovery, his fans took to Twitter and ensured the fact that they are wishing him the speediest recovery. We will look at those Twitter reactions which wished the best for him.

Using this opportunity to spark some unwanted humour which doesn’t make some sense, a hater of his tweeted, “Arjun Kapoor tested positive for Coronavirus Doctors in hospital”


Under the worst of circumstances, a few fans linked him to the drug angle of Sushant’s death and tweeted, “#arjunkapoor still he can’t be skip from ncb they will catch u after 14days”


The official account of Filmfare wished him a speedy recovery, citing, “#ArjunKapoor takes to social media and confirms he’s tested positive for #COVID19. We wish him a quick recovery!”


A few users tried to make others laugh still as one of them tweeted, “Crona be like … Anyways get well soon… #ArjunKapoor

The more number of comments that was chasing him was his link to the drug angle, “Arjun Kapoor tests positive I feel to say Go…Have some drugs Stay safe in quarantine”.


People were more concerned about demonizing the actor, instead of wishing him a speedy recovery as another user tweeted, “As soon as the entire Bollywood Nexus of drugs and drugs cartel is exposed out in the media, #ArjunKapoor is suddenly COVID positive. Isn’t it fishy somehow? Don’t u guys think He is purposely keeping himself away from the social media? But Sorry Babu ur hidden face is revealed!”


Finally arrived the good side of humanity as one user wished him, “Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor test positive for #COVIDー19. Wishing him a speedy recovery”.


Another user pointed out how media has been skewered and favours nepotism too as he tweeted, “If any girl gets raped, then you never make the breaking news, you will write it in a small line and millions of people are starving every day this is not breaking news. but Arjun Kapoor has suffered from corona this will be breaking news, news channel only wants publicity.”


The final verdict came through another user as he tweeted, “#ArjunKapoor announces that he has tested positive for #Covid19. The actor is asymptomatic & will remain under home-quarantine.”

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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