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A Fan Asked Sonu Sood To Give Him An iPhone And The Actor Gave A Hilarious Reply

The Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who has turned out to be a messiah for the poor and the needy in the time of the deadly COVID pandemic, keeps coming up with witty replies to the absurd demands of people on Twitter.

Initially, Sonu was just providing food and was arranging transportation for poor laborers to get back to their homes as they had lost their jobs in Mumbai and other big cities when the lockdown was imposed by the government of India.

However, later Sonu also started providing electronic equipments and other items to the poor students who were not able to attend online classes with the colleges and Universities being closed.

But, in the meantime, Sonu has also been getting some absurd requests from people, who are not really needy, but they want stuff from Sonu for their own luxuries.

Recently, one such user tweeted to Sonu demanding an iPhone from him and also complaining that he had already put forward his demand 20 times without any response.

Sonu decided to respond to the young man in his own witty style as he quoted the tweet and told him that he himself needed a phone and he was ready to tweet 21 times with the demand if that could get him the phone.

A lot of people have tried and interacted with Sonu with his luxurious demand in the past too, thinking that the actor would just pay for anything and everything, but Sonu has lent a helping hand only to those who are actually in need and not to those who can provide for themselves.

Sonu had recently featured on The Kapil Sharma Show where a lot of people, whom he had helped back in April and May, thanked him for his generosity.

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