Zareen Khan Revealed How Salman Khan Helped Her Directors Asked For “Hot” Photos


Bollywood actress Zareen Khan, who made her debut with Salman Khan starrer has been going through a lot of financial tensions due to the pandemic. Not just this, Zareen Khan feels that this work-related stress is affecting everyone’s mental health.

Recently, in an interview, Zareen Khan talked about many things. She revealed how she faced a lot of difficulties from the beginning of his career as she found it very difficult to get work. She said:

 “I had a lot of difficulties from the beginning. When Veer did not get a good response, people held me responsible for it. I was new and not perfect. Nobody understood me. I had become an easy target for people. After that film, I found it very difficult to get work”.

Zareen Khan further said that people think that it is because of Salman Khan that she is getting work, which isn’t true as she doesn’t want to be a burden on Salman Khan. She said:


Salman had changed my life. But people think that it is because of him that I get work now. this is wrong. He just helped me to enter in this industry, after that I got films because of my work. I can’t always be a burden on Salman. Even when something was not going right, he believed in me again and made me part of ‘Character Dheela’ song”

She added:

“Many people offer her hot and glamorous characters but she says no to them”.

Furthermore, she opened up how she is facing financial stress due to the pandemic as she is the only one who earns in her family. She revealed:

 “I am the only one who earns in my house. When work has been stalled for four months, then I am having a lot of trouble. My father and grandfather did not have so savings that we could sit and eat, so I had to work and now all my savings are ending, so I am waiting for work to start as soon as possible.”

Soon Zareen will be seen in her upcoming movie ‘Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele’. Talking about this film, Zareene said, “My film may have received many awards but the OTT platform is not ready to release it considering it to be a small film”.