Amaal Malik Targets Salman Khan And Raises His Voice For Arijit Singh


The music composer Amaal Malik believes Arijit Singh’s songs from the movie Sadak 2 deserve to be released. Arijit sang a couple of songs in the movie, but none of them made it to the final soundtrack and Arijit’s fans are not happy about it at all.

Arijit’s journey in the music industry has not been smooth in the last couple of years. After he had a brief spat with Salman Khan in an award show, he has been reportedly stripped off quite a few projects.

While Arijit has not really spoken about it too much in the public domain, the famous Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam recently threw a bit of light on the fact that not every singer is fairly treated in the music industry.

And, now Amaal believes if Arijit’s songs from Sadak 2 are not released, it will create more disbelief in the industry.


Salman Khan has not been associated with Sadak 2 project by any means. The movie been directed and produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt and Alia Bhatt are the lead casts in it, so nobody knows the exact reason why Arijit’s songs have been removed from the soundtrack.

Amaal, who himself has been in the controversies recently, put out a tweet on Sunday asking the makers of Sadak 2 not to hurt the fans anymore.

Amaal has been on the target of Salman Khan fans after he recently said that Shahrukh Khan is his favorite actor and he doesn’t really think Salman Khan “acts” in the movies. Salman fans didn’t take very kindly to the statement and started bashing Amaal on twitter.

Amaal also didn’t take a back seat and responded to the trolls in the exact same manner. The language that Amaal used despite being a celebrity was shocking and even though he said that he used such language only to counter the trolls, he is now receiving a lot of criticism from the journalists and film critics.