Dr. Anand Ranganathan Trolled Shashi Tharoor And Kapil Sibal ‘Like A Boss’

The famous scientist Anand Ranganathan, who is known for his outspoken comments, has put out a hilarious tweet asking for Kapil Sibal to be marketed as shampoo and conditioner as he is head and shoulders above everyone in terms of being a hypocrite.

Ranganathan’s tweet came after Sibal posted two completely contrasting tweets within a space of a couple of hours. In the first one, he expressed his disappointment that Rahul Gandhi questioned his integrity and loyalty in the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting.

And, then in the second tweet, Sibal said Rahul never said anything like that and he got wrong information about him. Sibal also declared that he was withdrawing his previous tweet where he had attributed a wrong statement to Rahul Gandhi.

It was reported that a few of the senior congress leaders had written a letter to the Congress president Sonia Gandhi that the new Congress president should be from outside the Gandhi family.

Rahul was reportedly not happy with the letter and accused that the leaders who wrote the letter had colluded with BJP.

Sibal, who has been one of the faces of the Congress party especially in their legal battles over the last decade or so, is also believed to be one of the leaders who are in favor of a change in leadership at the top.

No decision has yet been made in the Congress Working Committee meeting, but as per the reports, Sonia Gandhi doesn’t want to continue as party president any further and a faction of the party is not ready to accept a president from outside the Gandhi family.

It’s very much possible that Congress appoints an executive president for the time being and holds an election for the post of the president in a few months’ time. The picture will be much clearer later today.

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Written by Abhishek

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