5 Most Controversial Statements By Ram Gopal Verma

Ram Gopal Varma who has been the star-maker to many artists in the 90’s Bollywood, is always known for making spine chilling movies. Satya, Sarkar, Bhoot, Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag are some of the names that have made a strong impact on the audeince- for good or bad!

He has been a controversial personality in Bollywood, the Telegu industry, and also television.

Today we have 5 controversial statements made by the filmmaker which made him a sensation on Twitter.

  1. The time when he called Tiger Shroff a bikini babe

“U are great at martial arts but if BRUCE LEE ever posed like a bikini babe like u he wouldn’t hav bcm BRUCE LEE..Please think”

2. When Ramu thought Aamir is a better Khan with his choices of films

“Other Khan’s presuppose the audience to be dumb which I too think they are but Aamir respects n caters to their intelligence hidden behind”

“Aap party from now on should be renamed Paap party for P in pakistan and paap as in sin..”

3. When he mocked his own movie

“Films division’s Swachcha Bharat Ad is worse than Aag..Someone should tell Mr Narendra Modi that these kind of Ads will make India dirtier”

5. And this is how he chose to wish International Women’s Day on the micro-blogging site

“I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives”

What is your favorite Ramu movie?

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