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Kangana Ranaut Lashed Out At Uddhav Government After IPS Dealing With Sushant Singh Rajput Case Was Forcibly Quarantined

It seems that the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has been politicized to such an extent that now police officials are being monitored. Under mysterious circumstances, IPS officer Vinay Tiwari (SP Vinay Tiwari) was compelled to be in quarantine by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). This sparked wildfire controversies which were picked up by famous celebrities fighting for the justice of Sushant.

Citing coercion here, Kangana Ranaut and her team hurled allegations against Uddhav Sarkar and asked whether it was Goonda Raj?


In a tweet tagging the Prime Minister’s Office, Kangana cited, “What is this? Gunda raaj? We want to tell @PMOIndia if we don’t find the culprits who killed SSR, no outsider will ever be safe in Mumbai, criminals are getting more and more empowered, please intervene and take over this case.”


According to the reports, Vinay was not allowed in the IPS mess and was forcibly quarantined by BMC after his arrival on Sunday. In fact, during the span of this entire case, a powerful allegation has been imposed on Mumbai police, citing that they have been completely uncooperative during the span of the entire investigation. In fact, documents pertaining to the case have also not been released for some bizarre reasons.

In a totally new dimension of this tragic affair, Bihar police have also issued a notice to Siddharth Pitani for questioning. Pithani, who is currently stationed in Hyderabad, has not responded to any calls as he is not ready for investigation.


Pitani claimed that he spoke to Sushant a night before and he was the one to try and wake up Sushant when repeated calls fell on deaf ears. It was Pithani who got in touch with key-maker to crack the lock and once the door opened, to discover this hapless spectacle that will scar Bollywood forever.

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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