The Kapil Sharma Show Reopens Their Laughter Riot With Sonu Sood


We all took a serious blow right after the lockdown in March. Since Indian unemployment has seen a scary rise. Enterprises had shut down, layoffs and salary slashes had become quite the unsaid norm. That being said, the entertainment industry too suffered a serious lack of work. Because of the strict rules of social distancing and physical distancing, the shows stopped running and the shoots came to a complete haul. The financial downhill also took away the lives of a lot of artists around the country. Depression became just another fear factor apart from the virus.

In the midst of that when the migrant workers were asked to go back to their homeland, the daily wage workers, were at the height of the deprived state. The government’s effort to provide ample transport and the infrastructure to help them move to their homes safely was a bleak scene. Laborers and workers walked the highways to reach their journey. Not only the workers but their families including the kids!

One man who stood with these workers and became a national hero is actor Sonu Sood. He arranged buses for the workers to send them to their homes to all over the country.

Fans poured in love and respect for Sonu all over the social media platforms. This story emerged to be a strong inspiring tale of 2020.


Following the lockdown becoming liberal, many shows are resuming their shoots and production. One such show which will kick start yet again from August 1, is The Kapil Sharma Show. The show reopens with Sonu Soon gracing the sets of TKKS.

In one segment, Kapil expresses his gratitude towards him for the noble act that he did. As the comedian he is, he had to bring in a little laughter. He said, there is a “rumor” that 2 men were walking to the store to buy yogurt. As Sonu passed them, he could not help but arrange a bus to send them Azamgarh!

Check the hilarious sneak peek into the TKSS show here:

Do not forget to tune in TKSS starting August 1 at 9.30 pm on Sony TV.