Here’s How Team Kangana Ranaut Reacted After Anurag Kashyap Apologised To Tiger’s Mother


Anurag Kashyap in a recent tweet had become a talk for some time. After Sushant’s suicide last month, the nepotism debate has been a raging household discussion. The much-heated debacle is often escalated by name-calling and openly exposing. Such was Anurag’s move.

He shared a post by India Today Showbiz where there was a collage of two-star kids, Tiger Shroff and Taimur Ali Khan. To that Anurag said that it is the general audience who promotes nepotism. If the public won’t want it, media won’t be in a frenzy to post such baseless pictures as news.

“This is nepotism by media ..? Why?? Because this is what you the audience wants to see .. So isn’t it nepotism by you the audience too??”

This was not received well by Tiger’s mother, Ayesha Shroff. She was subtle in her terms and warned Anurag to keep her son off his claims.


Yo! Don’t involve my kid in this!! he’s here on his own hard work entirely”

Replying on the thread, Anurag openly apologized to her saying that his claims were towards Taimur.

“I am sorry Ayesha .. I meant it for how media chases “Taimur”. Sorry to have hurt you . Just read this .”

The reply was further rebuked by a Twitter user saying that he is being an opportunist!

“Attacked Sushant painting him as opportunist and arrogant. Continuously attacking Kangana for standing up to Mafia. Alienated his own brother when he stood up to the power centre Salman Khan. But, so earnestly apologizing to insiders for a harmless tweet.”

Now the final bullet was thrown at Anurag when Team Kangana Ranaut caught a glance at the above-mentioned tweet. The team accused of having double standards.

Will @anuragkashyap72 apologise to Kangana’s or Sushant’s parents ? No, but he will apologise to Tiger’s parents. Double standards!”

The team surely knows how to fire up controversies like no other!