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A Bolero Saved A Young Man From Dying And Anand Mahindra Reacted On The Viral Video

A sensational video is going viral on social media where a bike rider is only inches away from colliding with a JCB machine, but somehow a Bolero comes in between and saves the bike rider from a massive accident and probably from death.

The video has been recorded by a CCTV camera which shows that the bike rider is standing on the side of the road and is talking to someone on phone, but suddenly the JCB machine which is supposed to go straight down the road gets out of control and moves towards the bike rider.

The JCB is perilously close to the bike rider and is only inches away from colliding with him, but, before it could collide, a Bolero which is coming from the other side of the road collides with the JCB itself and saves the bike rider from any direct collision with the JCB.

However, just as Bolero collides with the JCB, it turns around because of the force of the collision and knocks the bike rider down, but it doesn’t turn out to be a fatal blow for the bike rider as he stands up immediately.

The video has been shared by a lot of people on Twitter including Anand Mahindra himself who is the owner of the “Mahindra Bolero”.

Mahindra quoted the tweet of a journalist Aalok Shrivastav who uploaded the video and wrote “If God wants to save someone, he can send Mahindra Bolero as well.”

Quoting that tweet, Mahindra further wrote “It seemed as if Bolero was a living being there and its sole motive was to save the bike rider.”

The video has already received more than 500 thousand views on Twitter, however there is no information yet about the venue of the incident.

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