When Michael Vaughan Insulted India And Got Trolled Badly By The Desi Twitter


Former England cricketer and skipper Michael Vaughan is very active on social media and he uses Twitter to the best of his advantage to stay connected to his fans.

He tweets majorly about the game. This time it was a different one that got the attention of Indians in the wrong way. Much that he expressed his likeness towards his travels to India, he says it is weird how he saw elephants, cows, sheep camels, pigs, and goats all in the middle of the road. This tweet came out as sarcastic and he got it back well by the Twitterati.

“Love traveling in #India… So far this morning we have seen Elephants,Cows,Camels,Sheep,Goats & Pigs all in the middle of the road …#OnOn”

“So u found England team there .. reunion of u guys”


“Hope that’s not sarcasm this is what india is all about and we love it. There is love there is diversity there is uniqueness and you will meet lot of different people with different cultures languages etc.”

“Thats why we dont have shoot outs in schools n other holy places lols”

“I’ve seen the same in Yokshire. Loved it.”

“focus on selecting the english team for the world cup and the ashes. Heard aussies are back in form just at the right time.”

“Someone tell him that we are a happy ecosystem.”

“I love India!! I have traveled 3 times to India and I do not get tired !! I love the animals! I enjoy watching them walk the streets !!”

“That’s so typically British ! Mentioning love travelling , at the same time mocking India 🙂 Sorry that you couldn’t find monkeys and donkeys , the whole UK is full of them !”

“Interestingly enough, all the lavish cars & superior infrastructures on english roads are because of the loot that England did from India. If not for India, pretty sure you would have tweeted “no sight of pigs, elephants, cows, camels, goats & unthankful people unlike back home”

“its so hard to understnd whethr u insulting or praising it… but sir.. thats our ecosystem. dont they hav right to cross te road ? dont they havr wandering liberty ? india is rich of biodiversity. no need of sanctuaries. you get god sights everywhere. not only in roads…”

Hopefully, Vaughan will never mess with us Indians a second time!