A Couple Gave Away Their Savings To Help Poor People And Anand Mahindra Gave Them An Instant Reward

While most of the people during this pandemic and economic crisis are worried about their own future and are thinking about themselves, a very inspiring story has come out of the Malad region of Mumbai.

A couple, which had saved 4 Lakh rupees to buy a house for themselves before the lockdown, spent their entire savings to help the poor people residing in the slum areas of Malad.

The only aim of this couple, which is named Fayyaz Sheikh and Mirza Sheikh, was to make sure that none of the slum residents slept hungry. They distributed ration among 1500 slum families.

Mirza Sheikh, who runs a private school in the local area of Malad, got to know from many of her students that they might not be able to continue their studies as their parents had lost their jobs.

Mirza immediately let their parents know that they didn’t have to pay the school fees for their kids for the next three months.

The story of this couple has been doing the rounds on the internet and it has now reached the business tycoon Anand Mahindra as well, who got to know about it from a report which was published in the Times of India recently.

Mahindra was impressed with the couple’s efforts and wrote on Twitter that he was not sure if too many people had the compassion to spend their entire “house-savings” to help poor people.

Mahindra wrote he couldn’t scroll down his Twitter feeds after seeing this report and if there’s authenticity in the report, he would be more than happy to compensate the loss of the couple.

There have been many stories of people distributing ration and food among the poor during the lockdown, but this is perhaps the first story of its kind where a couple has gone out of their way and has used their house-savings to feed the poor.

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Written by Abhishek

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