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Twitterati React After Carryminati’s YouTube Channel Got Hacked

One of the most loved and popular Indian YouTuber, CarryMinati has once again created a stir on social media, however, this time because of strange reasons. Ajey Nagar, who is fondly called by his own channel’s name Carry Minati’s YouTube channel appears to have been hacked by someone.

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For the unversed, Carry Minati runs two YouTube channels – one is his primary YouTube channel, where he posts videos of his roasting and his reaction videos, while, his other YouTube channel is named CarryisLive, where he does Livestreams while playing video games.

His second YouTube Channel ‘CarryisLive’ was the channel that fans reported was hacked. The hacker apparently ran a bitcoin scam, as it was asking people to donate the amount to a particular account. The hacker also changed the description for the content for streaming and made it all related to Bitcoins.

As soon as the fans noticed that something is wrong with the channel, they took to their social media and started reporting the same. Here, check out some of the tweets:

Soon, Ajey Nagar also took to his twitter and asked YouTube India for their immediate assistance on the matter. He wrote:

@YouTubeIndia My channel Carryislive has been hacked, need immediate assistance.”

Here, check out the tweet of Ajey Nagar:

This hack has come days after the social media accounts of Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian West, Warren Buffet, and more were reported to have been hacked. The hackers had posted similar Bitcoin-scamming tweets,

Meanwhile, social media is flooded with reactions from Twitterati on this. From memes to jokes, it has become one of the most talked-about things on social media right now. Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:


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Written by Unnati Madan

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