10 Most Unbelievable Facts That Only 2 Out Of 10 People Would Know


The world is made of a little usual and a whole lot of unusual elements that we are unaware of. With each passing day, social media keeps getting stronger and the world gets closer. With that a lot of lesser-known facts are coming up on the surface that leaves us amazed about how things exist with their weird presence around us.

Edible gold

Did you know that you can eat gold? No wonder the bars are called gold biscuits.

Diamon rain 


It rains diamond in Saturn! Getting rich is just a few planets away- if only it was as easy as it sounds.

Who sparked the fire?

Lighters were invented before match sticks. It will be a mystery why the matchsticks were even invented.

Bloody gold or golden blood

Shock alert: Human blood comprises of 0.2 milligrams of blood.

Turtles and their private concert 

Not only turtles but also elephants and porcupines masturbate.

Who came first?

Sharks originated some 400 million years ago while trees started springing up only 300 million years ago.

The all-purpose situation for birds

Did you know birds do not have a urethra and cannot urinate? Now you know how functional is one outlet!

No gags

Horses do not have a gag reflex and that makes them incapable to vomit.

Sweet dreams, NOT!

It is a proven fact that babies start dreaming only about the age of 4. We wonder why do they smile in their sleep though!

Dolphins have names

They have unique whistling techniques that they use to identify each other.

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