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Kangana Ranaut Gave A Shutting Reply For Actress Nagma For Spreading Lies

Actress turned politician, South Indian heroine Nagma took on to her Twitter account to get into an intentional feud with Kangana Ranaut. She sparked the first fire by posting a collage meme where she accused Kangana of being a product of nepotism and that she is a hypocrite. She threw shade at Ranaut by saying she used Aditya Pancholi as her “boyfriend” to walk through the Bollywood gateway. Post that she even got roped into Gangster by getting her talks done with Mahesh Bhatt through Pancholi.

After her career was going downhill she also sucked up to Filmkraft and landed the supporting female role in Kites. As a matter of fact, Making her sister Rangoli as her manager also highlights the act of nepotism by Kangana.

#Kangans nepotism

She also put allegation that Kangana never helped Sushant Singh Rajput when he was alive and suddenly showing solidarity is a mere act of hypocrisy.

Kangana’s Team, of course, shushed down the allegations by clarifying it quite sternly.

“Nagma ji 1) Pancholi wasn’t her BF, she has made it clear many times that initially he promised to mentor but soon turned tormentor, he used to beat her every time she went for auditions or film shoots no he didn’t introduce her to Anurag Basu..contd..”

“Mr Basu doesnt even know him, he has made it clear plenty of times 2) She gave audition for Gangster, no nepotism there 3) Kangana’s career was ruined aftr she was reduced to a background actor in Kites that’s the reason she didn’t want to do Krish she was forced to do it..contd.”

The thread ended on Kangana’s team asking Nagma to “stop spreading lies”!

“4)No agency wantd to hire Kangana because she won’t dance in weddings where people throw money at you & fairness creams so Rangoli ji strtd to handle her film dates, she too could hardly speak English & hd no idea abt the biz, so she did wht any sister wil do. Stop spreading lies”

Kangana’s team is as feisty as hers. What do you think?

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