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Ishita Yadav Trolled Rahul Gandhi In The Most Hilarious Way On Twitter

Out of all the jokes which are being relayed on Rahul Gandhi, a recent one cracked, superseded anything else on the face of this planet. In a perfect simulation of a dystopian world where Congress is claimed to be reduced to dust and only 5 members would be left upholding the party in a post-apocalyptic world, a picture of Rahul Gandhi was heavily edited in an age-defining app and was left cascading in social media.

Much to the astonishment of everyone, the snap bears an uncanny resemblance to the infamous president of Iraq, Sadam Hussein whose life force was being snuffed out after being a death sentence.

However, what was extremely fascinating about that tweet was the comment thread that was sparked by the fabulous sense of humour by the user of this micro-blogging site.

The actual tweet read, “The year is 2050. The Congress now only has 5 members and Rahul Gandhi is ready for another failed attempt to resurrect it after his 7657th image makeover.”


What followed thereafter was the stuff of sheer gold as one user commented, “Tag Sardesai ….?hes blocking me”.

Another user commented, “Ain’t you counting mata ji?”


It seemed that people simply love the fact of how Rahul Gandhi amused the entire nation with repeated appearances. Another user commented, “Rahul Gandhi will become synonym of “Relaunch”. Eg: Nokia RahulGandhied 1100 model with new features.”


The deluge of comments simply refused to relent as the users took their turn in sparking the funniest responses that they could come up with.

Another tweet read, “″


To make matters worse for the Congress leader, the funniest comment in the thread was, “& priyanka will look like aged Claudia!”


If we let aside the political spectrum of this heated conversation, we will actually end up seeing that India is brimming with a lot of comic people whose creativity can blow the roof away.

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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