Virat Kohli Reacts To Sunil Chhetri’s Online Challenge

The captain of the Indian Football team, Sunil Chhetri, has challenged his friend and another supreme Indian athlete Virat Kohli for a unique workout.

Chhetri uploaded a video on Instagram where he could be seen balancing himself in a plank position on two swiss balls. In the caption of the video, Chhetri asked Virat if he could do this workout.

Chhetri put a little note at the end of the caption telling Virat that the workout is tougher than it looks on video.

Virat recently accepted a challenge that was thrown to him by the fellow Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya.

Pandya challenged Virat for flying push-ups which are also called the superman push-ups.

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Hey bruh @virat.kohli Always got your back 😉 @rahulkl @krunalpandya_official guys would you like to have a go ✅🔑 and special thanks to my darling @coach_a.i.harrsha for pushing me ✅

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As expected, Virat accepted the challenge and not only did he complete it, he added another dimension to it.

Virat clapped as well between the two flying push-ups, something which Pandya had not done in his video.

As far as Sunil Chhetri’s challenge is concerned, Virat has already responded to it saying that he doesn’t have two swiss balls in his home gym to complete Chhetri’s challenge.

Chhetri responded to Virat’s reply saying he is going to do what Virat has done in his flying push-ups video and will try and find out if he can also clap between the two flying push-ups.

Chhetri and Virat have been close friends for a few years now. It was not so long back that Virat had dropped at Chhetri’s residence for a dinner along with his wife Anushka Sharma when the couple was in Bengaluru.

Virat has a keen interest in Football and he also owns an ISL team FC Goa. Chhetri, though, doesn’t feature for Virat’s team as he is a part of Bengaluru FC.

Both Virat and Chhetri are in quarantine right now as there is no sporting action in India after a surge in coronavirus cases.


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