10 Most Bizarre Wedding Rituals Across The World

We are bizarre beings and we can’t keep ourselves away from proving that in everything we do.

Here we have a list of bizarre wedding rituals that will make you cringe.

  1. Bride shoots the groom with headless arrows

In the Yugur culture of China, brides are asked to shoot the grooms three times with blunt arrows. Later the groom breaks the arrows and that is the sign that they would be in love with each other forever.

2. Rite of kissing

In Sweden, unmarried and young guests huddle together to kiss the newlywed couple. The guys kiss the bride and the girls kiss the groom.

3. Trash throw at the bride

In Scotland a day before marriage, the bride is taken away to get literally grossed out. Rotten fish, spoilt milk, smelly curd, grease, etc are thrown at the bride. She is made to drink till the night falls and finally tied to a tree. It is believed that if she can withstand all these, managing a married life would become pretty easy!

4. Spit on the bride

In the Masai tribe in Kenya, a bride’s head is shaved and then lard of pig and other animals are put on her body. Lastly, her father spits on her head and breasts. it is believed to bring good luck to her.

5. Beating the groom

In South Korea, after the guy is married, his feet are tied to a pole and the sole is beaten by his friends in a fun manner. A lot of questions are also asked to test the knowledge of married life.

6. Married to a tree

In Indian communities, Manglik people are first married to a tree or statue to ward off the astral misprojection in their lives. After that only they are allowed to get married.

7. Carry her across the threshold

In Medieval Europe, it was believed that a girl’s feet can sweep in evil in her new family. That is why grooms were asked to carry their brides inside the house!

8. Marry an animal; marry the groom later

In certain Indian cultures, a girl with a certain facial feature is known to have been possessed by evil. To ward that off, they are made to marry a goat or a dog first.

9. Kidnapping

Perhaps this is all over the world wherein a girl is kidnapped by a guy or a group of people. After that, she is taken to her house and asked for her consent in a forceful way.

10. Pay to dance?

It was originally started in Poland and now the world is slowly accepting it with great fun. The male guest at a wedding pays the bride to steal a dance with her.

Share your thoughts on these rituals with us!

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