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Kangana Ranaut Has Launched A Scathing Attack On Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu and Kangana Ranaut are two of the most talented and versatile actresses of Bollywood. Both the actresses are the rare celebrities who made it big in Bollywood without the help of any godfather or Bollywood biggies.

However, both the actresses don’t go down well together with each other. It has been a few years since both the actresses are seen indulging in controversial debates and social media fights. Recently, they were at it again after as Kangana Ranaut has launched a fresh attack on Taapsee via her social media account.

Well, following the death of SSR, Kangana Ranaut has been talking a lot about how outsiders are ignored and star kids are promoted in the Bollywood industry. However, when Taapsee spoke on the same topic, Kangana Ranaut’s team wrote that Taapsee is a supporter of the’movie mafia’ and wants to ‘derail the movement’ started by the ‘Queen’s’ actress.

It all started when a Twitter user shared screenshots of news stories, in which Taapsee had spoken about the nepotism debate. Responding to the tweet, Kangana’s team wrote:

Many chaploos outsiders consistently try to derail d movements started by Kangana,dey want to b in movie mafia good books,dey gt movies & awards fr attacking Kangana & dey take part in open harassment f a woman,shame on u @taapsee u reap the fruits f hr struggles bt gang up on hr.”

Here, check out the tweet:

Taapsee was quick to notice the tweet of Kangana and come up with a reply. In her reply, Taapsee shared quotes about ‘bitter people’. She wrote:

A couple of things have followed in my life , especially the last few months. Really helped in seeing life in a better light. Brought me a lot of peace n perspective so sharing it.” 

Here, check out the tweet:

Written by Unnati Madan

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