Here’s How Much It Will Cost You Per Night In The World’s First Gold-Plated Hotel

As the Coronavirus pandemic has halted human activities. Closed borders and grounded flights have made traveling to other countries a distant dream right now. Many popular holiday destinations are being hit hard because of the same. However, now most of the countries are easing lockdown norms and are even welcoming tourists. So, if traveling begins again, we have a hotel suggestion for you, which is the world’s first gold-plated hotel.

The Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel:

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the Vietnamese owners insist that they have the Midas touch. This hotel is the World’s first gold-plated hotel and is open for business.

The hotel costs a whopping $200 million and it has 24-carat plating across lobbies, infinity pool, and rooms. Infact, even the cutler, cups, showerheads and toilet seats of this hotel are fully covered with gold plating.

The Chairman of Hoa Binh Group, Nguyen Huu Duong said that the hotel wants ‘ordinary people to the super-rich…to check-in’. Therefore they have kept the cost of per night in this hotel to Rs.19,000, i.e, $250 a night. So if you are craving for a pure luxurious treatment, this hotel is not the most unlikeable option to try.

The infinity pool of this hotel is also gold platted. It overlooks the city. As per the owners, the meals served to the guests at this 25-storey hotel are mixed with a mysterious ‘gold substance’. Yes, you read that right.

A South Korean guest,  Phillip Park, claimed that he felt like a king when he visited this hotel. He said: “When I arrived here… I felt like a king, you know, the Pharaoh… the king of Egypt,”

Another guest, Luong Van Thuan, who himself a hotel owner said that the hotel has changed the meaning of luxury. He said: “It has changed my mind about what luxury can be. Other luxury hotels usually use marble as tiles, but here everything is gold-plated down to the washing basin,”

As the country has only 350 cases with no reported deaths, the hotel is slowly opening its arms for the guests from around the world.


Written by Unnati Madan

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