List Of Billionaires Who Donated Big Amount For Social Causes


Big names in the various business make names for the social contribution of their wealth. Their donations have been a constant act of kindness either the man himself or the generations of the business families.

Here we have a list of few such businesses and their ruling faces who’s philanthropy is worthy to be noted.

  1. Shiv Nadar

Padma Bhushan recipient and co-founder of HCL technologies had to top the list. HCL supports education for youngsters in rural India and provides scholarship programs to study abroad for the underprivileged yet deserving students. With a net worth of almost 1500 crore, his philanthropy is worth around 800 crores.

2. Mukesh Ambani


The richest man in Asia is recorded to have widely contributed to the social cause. The net worth od the managing director Reliance Industries is not exactly known but it counts up to an unbelievable 65 billion dollars. His philanthropy moves counts to 450 crores.

3. Ajay Piramal and family

The board of Piramal Enterprises has been involved in a lot of charitable services and social causes. With a net worth of around 450 crores, they have contributed almost half like an approximate 250 crores!

4. Azim Premji

The chairman of the IT firm Wipro has been recorded to donate half of his income to social causes. With the latest data his net worth, today is around 450 crores and the donations count up to a 220 crores.

5. Godrej

The businessman who chairs the Godrej Group and Indian Scholl of Business has a record of dedicating a part of the profits to non-profits. With a net worth of around 280 crores, they have contributed approximately 100 crores for social causes.

6. Gautam Adani

Adani’s net worth is around 1025 crores and his social cause donations go around 76 crores. He has set up schools in Ahmedabad for the underprivileged kids. He funds around 300 government schools in Gujarat.

7. Yusuff Ali MA

The gold cardholder of UAE Yussuf Ali is also a Padma Bhushan awardee. His philanthropic association, Dubai Cares have donated generously during the times of any natural calamity around the country. Additionally, they are recorded to have acquired to benefit schools in Nepal. With a net worth of 350 crores, his donations count up to 50 crores.

8. Savji Dholakia

The founder of Diamond manufacturing and exporting company, Hari Krishna Exports, has a net worth of 400 crores. His donations for social causes is worth up to 50 crores.

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