17 Pictures That Prove We Indians Are The Funniest

In these extremely challenging times, a healthy dosage of humour won’t really hurt. With all the negativity that has been surrounding us for almost the entire first half of 2020, people have really been fighting hard and their struggle to exist for a better year still persists. Though their fight gets more resolute and valiant, situations are still to improve.

We decided to bring to you fifteen pictures which can only be possible in India, that has its own degree of wit, humour and an urge to get things done.


  1. Steve Vai put this is a song while this lad got it on a T-Shirt

Ironically his T-shirt speaks about a harsh truth which is a problem across the entire world, however, he chose to be brave enough to flaunt it.


  1. Everything comes at a cost, even Rs 500 has a price tag on it

This hapless man was asked for Rs 500 by his lady love and he chose to make an offer which can be a win-win for both.


  1. We will flaunt our cleanliness in its broadest incarnation

This signboard had its grammar all over the place as it wanted to talk about cleanliness. However, if you are throwing your garbage there, you simply won’t be a stupid person but another fellow stupid person will be handed over to your care.


  1. The Whatsapp Saree

In the middle of all the cacophony over the banning of apps, this lady proudly owned her love for our chatting portal, Whatsapp.


  1. And then said Thor, “Kabooooooom!”

This bloke was daring enough to put in a lot of firecrackers in a perfect circle, making it the Sabbath of the pyrotechnics. Just the place of the picture is eerily haunting.


  1. Spider-Man: Away from reality

Our neighbour Spider-Man isn’t really the friendly web-swinging fellow saving lives, but he loves to dream of universes, sitting in the terrace, smoking up.


  1. If you have it, flaunt it

This chaatwala decided to showcase his degree on the banner of his shop, thereby making every one of his fellow customers realize that education is just smoke and mirrors.


  1. Let the Holy Cow bless you and no competitor shall ever be worthy of beating you

Only if you are gracious enough to let the cow grace your examinations, you are a long way out of others’ leagues.


  1. Alright, Hanumanji won’t really be happy about his stance being stolen

This follower wanted to showcase his love and admiration for his fellow political leader but what won over the masses was the photoshopped image.


  1. Balance at times can spook you out of your wits

This picture must have triggered your wildest imaginations. We totally understand as we were still questioning the fact that does any pose as this exists?


  1. Okay, which of you will give me a better life cover?

This family seems to be in a quandary that which of the covers would have provided them with better life protection as two different brands of insurance features the same family.


  1. Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge

May it be staying together or riding in an auto, we shall stay forever in touch.


  1. Staring at your death in the eye isn’t the capability of someone gigantic

This teeny mosquito decided to announce to the whole world that it is not scared of weird gas-spreading element for it has its own blessing of not being killed in humiliating ways.


  1. Its summertime and nothing beats comfort more than a shave in the river

With the calm beneath your feet and water until your chest, you can easily take all the time that you need to shave your beard.


  1. Devi Saraswati has an account for mortals now

This pandal was created to show it to people that our goddess of education is back to earth to spread some knowledge and you can DM your queries.


  1. This is exported Sambhar, my friend

The shopkeeper has his marketing skills truly filled with expertise as he doesn’t sell Indian Sambhars. His delicacies are imported from Italy and sold at a dirt-cheap rate.


  1. Jugaad

Your eyes are the biggest lens. Magnify them and you will have a camera for nothing more than a penny.

Written by Rohit Ganguly

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