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An American Journalist Tried To Troll India But Chef Vikas Khanna Gave A Brilliant Reply

India-Michelin star chef, Vikas Khanna won over the internet with a befitting reply against a very shoddy question from a BBC anchor. After the lockdown was imposed in India due to the raging pandemic, the celebrity chef chose to distribute food for the hapless. This was a welcome move by the Indian citizens and was heavily applauded by the netizens.

The 48-year- old chef was in a conversation with the BBC anchor, explaining how he started the food distribution drive for the orphanages, old age homes and leprosy centres. It was mainly dry ration that was being provided to the unfortunate and underprivileged people, who were suffering after this nationwide lockdown was called to halt the raging power of the pandemic.

The BBC Anchor suggested that the Indian chef understood the pangs of hunger as he did not hail from a rich family. This remark drew flak and widespread ire from the Indian people, claiming it to be racist at varied levels.

The anchor said, “You’ve cooked for the Obamas, you’ve been on TV show with Gordon Ramsay. But it wasn’t always that way, was it? You’re not from a rich family. So, I dare say, you understand how precarious it can be in India.”

Khanna kept his repose and spoke up in an extremely dignified way which won over the internet, citing, “No, I am from Amritsar, everyone gets fed there in the langars. My sense of hunger came from New York.”

Twitter hailed their new hero in style, deluging praises for his witty response which silenced the anchor in stunning fashion.

One user twitted to this derision saying that it was an absolutely classic reply from the Indian chef.

Another user commented, “He just demonstrated the recipe for “CHUTNEY”!!!”

Indians united on this war with BBC anchor as the replies continued flooding. The next response was, “Class from Vikas. Shame on you BBC World.”

Another fan of his did not fail to point out the act of racism perennially carried out by the British people as he commented, “Original ‘Racism’ an English mentality.. brilliant answer by Vikas.”

Another user questioned the validity of the statement by the anchor, citing, “The kind of disgusting questions being asked is just appalling”.

His fans seemly couldn’t stop them from lionizing the chef as another user commented, “Well Done Vikas Paaji… proud of you.”

To conclude it all, a fan took a dig at racism which is intravenous with the English culture. He said, “The thought process of an anchor is clearly racist in approach. Very happy of the reply given by Vikas Khanna.”

It has been quite some time that Indian celebrities have been brutally targeted by foreign media for some weird alien reasons. However, on every single occasion, they have come out with flying colours.

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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