Riya Sen Revealed How Her ‘Sexiness’ Became The Reason Behind Her Exit From Bollywood


Hollywood sensation Megan Fox has created a storm with her statements, after she opened up about being sexualized at the young age of 15 and 16, having to wear a tight, short dresses and also played a role in popular series Two And A Half Men, where both the lead characters wanted to have sex with Meghan Fox’s character. Social media are abuzz with reactions of netizens on the same.

However, we are happy that these conversations are finally taking place which sheds light on the predatory behavior that has been the part of the movie industry since forever. Now after Meghan Fox, Bollywood diva Riya Sen has also opened up about being sexualized from such a young age.

Well, if you are a 90s kid then you will remember the dandiya queen Falguni Phatak’s song, ‘Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi’ where Riya Sen appears in a sexy saree and also in a schoolgirl outfit, however, no one knew that Riya was only 16-year-old back then.

After her musical debut, Riya Sen got a lot of offers of movies but she wasn’t really happy with all of that as she feels she was sexualized. Talking about the same, she said:


“I realized some of the films I did, after a few hits that I had, they weren’t working for me because I wasn’t comfortable in the roles I was playing. That’s why probably people thought I was a bad actress and I don’t blame them. At that point when I did a lot of Bollywood movies, it was about being sexy, the clothes that you wear, the makeup that you do. I didn’t fit into that.”

She added:

“Getting those tags, it was just terrible, horrible. Living with that … I was in school when the tag of ‘sexy’ started coming. There was so much pressure to always look perfect, a certain way. Even when I went out, people had this perception that Oh Riya Sen because they feel what you’re on screen, you’re the same in real life.”