Here’s The Reason Why Akshay Kumar Hides His Daughter From The Media

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna were blessed with a daughter in the year 2012. They named her Nitara. She is seven years younger than her big brother Aarav.

Akshay has been making movies for family viewing for quite a few years now. Also, his movies have a strong social message with few of his recent releases like Padman. His fan base has always been strong and now its stronger than ever. With his strong charity associations, he is now quite an influential face of Bollywood.

On the family front, he has been always seen to prioritize his family and has never compromised with it. His strict daily routine also hints on how he values priorities like that. He is a family man and very protective of his wife and his kids. He pampers his kids but at the same time makes sure they do not turn into brats!

Often times we have seen his son accompanying him to his film sets or public appearances. However, he keeps a watchful eye on his eight-year-old daughter. He tries to keep her away from the limelight so that she grows up like a regular child. That is very thoughtful indeed!

He is often seen covering Nitara’s face from the media or turning her face away from the paps. He does not want them to grow with the impression that they are someone superior or rather not regular. he wants his kids to grow up, get an education, and enjoy life like normal youngsters would do. he was also heard saying how he does not really want his kids to become actors. Rather he wants them to do something else that keeps them away from the limelight.

No wonder why he does not keep them around him much or put their faces upon public platforms, unlike some star parents. Clearly, he wants Nitara to have her privacy.

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