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13 Most Hilarious Methods Of Transportation You Would Ever See

There isn’t any denying the fact that Indian people are very hard-working. However, with hard work, we are known for doing smark work. Often Indian finds creative ways to finish something by a predetermined deadline. Every time we go on the high-ways or cross small villages, we see many talented transporters doing some impossible work because they hadn’t had any other way to do it. These transportation methods, that puts the traffic rules to shame.

We at ‘The Funniest Indian’ keep looking for funny stories for our readers and today we have collected some amazing pictures of transportation that were clicked on Indian roads, that will put the traffic rules to shame.

Here, we bring you 13 transportation methods which are too common in India. These methods prove that habitual transportation can carry much more than we think. These pictures will leave you amazed. Have a look:

  1.  Even the wildest animals – like, cargo – can be domesticated:

2. When you want to build a house but don’t want to spend money on brick delivery:

3. Only one word… How???:

4. Now, this is called creativity:

5. Is it even possible to drive like this?:

6. Why waste time, when you can take everything on a trip?:

7. This is just epic:

8. When you don’t trust other transportation services:

9. We wonder what does he need all these materials for?:

10. Too skillful to deliver eggs on a scooter:

11. Indian people are not just hard working but also very talented:

12. Well, this happens only in India:


Written by Unnati Madan

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