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Twitterati Trolled Swara Bhaskar Royally For Defending Nepotism Mafia

Sushant Singh Rajput’s “supposed” suicide has crashed the very foundation of the lobby culture in Bollywood. With the rising number of people coming forward to share their stories of being victims of nepotism has been tinkering with alarm. However, initially, a lot of such makers and believers of nepotism like Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt had taken to their social media handles to post their condolences and extended a feeling of loss.

A huge fraction of people thought this is straight-up hypocrisy as they are the only ones who kept Sushant away from the spotlight he deserved. Their hypocrisy was dissed by many people and their social media followers reduced overnight. Actor and producer Swara Bhaskar came forward to show her support for Karan and Alia that such comments by the Twitterati is plain rude and does not make sense.

She tweeted:

“Parts of India Twitter blaming #KaranJohar and #AliaBhatt for the tragic suicide of Sushant – for some silly game played on a frivolous and pointless chat show (that All those people who are now abusing Bollywood nepotism lapped up) is both the height of idiocy and hypocrisy! 1/n”

“Sushant didn’t leave a note. We don’t know what he went thru. We don’t know the cause. STOP taking out ur frustration using the pain of a troubled person. He didn’t leave a note! Get it? He didn’t want to talk about it. He’s gone. Let him have his peace & his family privacy. 2/n”

Replying to one such post, a user wrote:

“Swara it maybe a silly chat show for you & You may have that sense of humour or thick skin to not get affected. But some don’t. And just cause you’re a big producer, you can’t call out people and “rate” them on national TV. Most of us are calling out this hypocrisy & toxicity.”

To which Swara further clarified:
“That may be but it’s still idiotic to hold Karan & Alia responsible for this tragedy – because they made some thoughtless comments. The fact is we don’t know what Sushant was going through nor what the cause was. Everything being discussed is speculation & gossip. It’s not right.”

This entire thread of conversation did not go down well and Swara instantly became a subject of a troll.

“He was being discriminated by a certain section. He has said that he felt like an outsider. You were the first one to blame Modi government on Rohit Vemula’s suicide. You were against discrimination right. Why this hypocrisy now ?”

“Problem is you didn’t get work even after a strong background, nepotism bhi work nai kiya…… itna jyada talentless ho”

“Behn jaise tumhe hum kitni bhi sacchai dikha dein par tum “tukde gang” ka hi favour karogi waise tum kitna bhi bol lo karan johar kaam star kids ko hi dega”

“Chup kar jhooti khud sonam Kapoor ke aage piche nachti hai gyan mat de ….sab jante hai tu kitne pani me hai …aur tera job profile kya hai…”


“If it’s not about nepotism thn why didn’t sushant’s work got highlighted and appreciated? why chichorre ko koi award nhi but gully boy ko itne awards?? Do you have any answer??”


“C grade actress ko ye nepotism nahi dikhegi cause they don’t have to do anything with acting they just wana do fingering either with there finger or others. So u will not know what’s hard work and what’s good acting is so leave it we don’t even count u”



What is your take on Swara’s tweet?

Let us know in the comments!

Written by Vaibhav Sharma

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