14 Funniest Memes On Baba Ramdev’s Biggest Invention ‘Coronil’


The whole world is running the race to find a cure to Corona. A lot of attempts have been made by countries to discover a vaccine from the deadly virus.

In the midst of all this global tension, Baba Ramdev has claimed to have found the cure. he made a declaration that his company Patanjali has made a drug named Coronil that would definitely give positive results. As per the declaration, Coronil is clinically tested. 100 people were tested before confirming its success. Within 3 days 65 out of the 100 people were cured and within a week all of them were cured. So that brings the recovery rate to a complete one hundred percent. The death rate of zero was confirmed in the end.

Baba Ramdev claims that his team used indigenous ingredients like tulsi, ashwagandha, moolaithi, etc to find the cure to the coronavirus. Coronil would be available within a week’s time in all Patanjali stores. There would also be an app that would be launched soon through which the medicine can be ordered online and delivered to homes.

The Ministry has, however, prohibited the launch and use of Coronil.

Baba Ramdev’s invention soon fell into the trap of memes on social media and #Patanjali became trending.


Check out a few of the memes here:

“WHO & Medical science right now….”

When people say they don’t trust #Patanjali Medicine”

“Baba to WHO & scientists :”


#Patanjali launch ayurvedic #CORONIL drug to cure covid 19 within 14 days Me to baba ram dev after seeing this-

“#Patanjali baba ramdev after launching corona medicine:”


#Patanjali launch ayurvedic drug to cure covid 19 within 14 days Corona’s condition right now :


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