Sunil Grover Is Getting Trolled Badly On Twitter For Supporting Salman Khan

Bharat star Sunil Grover has hilariously taken a jibe at the paid trollers who wrote negative remarks about him after Grover tweeted a statement in favor of Salman Khan. The ongoing nepotism debate in Bollywood has become the talking point of the entire nation. Every day new hashtags trend on Twitter, with the fans asking the real reason behind Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide.

The 34-year-old rising star, who had played the role of MS Dhoni to perfection in his biopic, shockingly left the world on 14th June. Several reports have stated that Sushant was battling depression for the last six months. However, neither his family members nor his followers are ready to accept that he gave up so quickly.

Twitterati has called out Karan Johar and Salman Khan for promoting nepotism and giving more opportunities to star kids in the B-Town. The Twitterverse believes that the big names of the industry did not invite Sushant to their parties. Also, they did not wish to be friends with him, so he decided to take the extreme step.

Salman sent out a very mature tweet regarding this issue, while even Sunil Grover backed him. Unfortunately, the people against nepotism are not ready to believe Khan’s words as they have mercilessly criticized him and the ones who have supported him. Sunil, who is also a master comedian, showcased his sense of humor and silenced the trolls with the following message::

“I have a feeling that I might start to love putting the paid trollers to work. God, please save him from the amusement.”


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Written by Vinay Chhabria

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