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Rakhi Sawant Has Made The Most Idiotic Claim After Sushant Singh’s Death

Its been a full week that Sushant Singh Rajput left all of us in shock when he committed suicide on June 14. He hanged himself from the ceiling of his Carter Road residence. The suicide was a “supposed” act because as and when the investigation is trying to get deeper into the facts the more mysterious speculations are getting unfolded. A long list of people has been interrogated that includes his rumored girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and soon-to-be-released and his last movie, Dil Bechara director, Mukesh Chhabra.

People have been regularly posting how it was a silent act of murder by Nepotism and favoritism that prevails strongly in Bollywood. The big names like Karan Johar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Alia Bhatt, etc are few such who have been getting hate for the same. Salman Khan and his family were recent to get unmasked by director Abhinav Kashyap who took to his Facebook and posted against the family and their heinous truths of being the gang lords of oppression towards the “outsiders” of Bollywood.

Amidst all these rage and social media lash, Rakhi Sawant, the famous for being famous TV personality had to seek attention by capitalizing on Sushant’s suicide.

She posted a video on her IGTV where she stated how Sushant came into her dreams and he said and she will get married soon. He will then reincarnate as her son in her womb!

Here is the video:

“I was sleeping at night and suddenly there was a loud shock. I asked who is it? Then came the voice – I Sushant. Can you believe that Sushant came in my dream and said that I am being born again. Tell my fans I’m born again. I said – how? So they said I will tell you very soon I said no tell me. So Sushant said, ‘Rakhi you will get married and I will take birth from your womb”.

Really, Rakhi?

Of course, with the amount of bullshit that she said in her almost 4-minuted long video it became instantly viral on the net. People commented on how she should stop this nonsense and look for some other ways to seek attention.

Here is another video where she talked about depression in her own obnoxious ways.

On this note, it is interesting to understand how people have already started to commercialize on someone’s death. Of course, a lot of awareness and mass petition against Nepotism and the bad guys of Bollywood are being made. But where will this end? Will Sushant’s death really unfold the true dynamics of Bollywood and the various circuit that rule its politics?

Let us know in the comments!

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