Kapil Sharma Gave A Beautiful Reply To A 82-Year Old Fan Wants To Watch TKSS

Amidst all the negativity which has been circulating across the social media in the middle of sheer chaos on multiple fronts, there was a glimmer of hope and positivity that drew the fanfare for all the right reasons on the Kapil Sharma Show.

Touted as one of the most loved shows on Indian television which has been spreading smiles for four years at a stretch now, it has made a regular face in Indian households. Recently, Kapil stumbled across a very elderly fan of his through a social media post and he did not leave any stones unturned to express his gratitude for the 82-year-old lady.

A social media user posted on Twitter, stating that his grandmother, after getting discharged from the hospital recently returned home and the first thing she resorted to for her entertainment was a few old episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show.

The Twitter user posted that his grandmother was ill and was recently discharged from the hospital. As soon as she got back home, she expressed her wish of watching a few episodes of the illustrious comedy series.
The tweet read, “My 82YO grandmother just got back from the hospital and all she asked to watch was @KapilSharmaK9 ‘s show.These are the kind of blessings you can’t buy with money. Thank You, sir”

Overwhelmed by this powerful and emotional tweet, Kapil instantly took to Twitter to ensure that this elderly fan of his is made aware of the star’s gratitude for the same that left him touched. He tweeted,” Pls give my regards to ur daadi ji. may god bless her with good health n happiness. #gratitude …”

This show has played a pivotal role in the daily lives of a lot of families as everyone returning from their onerous routines in the evening were treated to endless laughter that comprised witty one-liners and power-packed punchlines. This show also bragged about a very talented cast which showcased comedy in its crudest form featuring wonderful storylines through some phenomenal acting.

There were rumours that the popular comedy show will restart their shooting on June 24, 2020. However, renowned comedian, Bharti Singh has declined this entire statement and very clearly stated that as of now, there is no clarity for the return of the show. He stated that Kapil himself is not ready to initiate the shooting as of now and urged the crew to wait at least until June 30th. Concern for other staff members was very clear in the words of Kapil Sharma and Bharti Singh.

Talking about any indication or cue of the restart, Bharti Singh claimed that there is no such indication from the production members either to restart the shoot. However, she also said that she will be the happiest if the shooting starts shortly as she is raring to get back to the sets.

Written by Rohit Ganguly

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