10 Times Twitterati Trolled Bollywood Stars And Made Us Laugh Out Loud

Bollywood industry is one of the biggest industries of India and they are also the primary source of entertainment. We love watching Bollywood movies as they are so much fun. From action to comedy, Bollywood has every genre to entertain their audience, with the spice-up x-factors.

A Bollywood movie is a complete package of entertainment with the right amount of action, romance, drama, emotions, and songs in them. However, like every good thing, Bollywood too has a lot of drawbacks and who can explain these drawbacks with a touch of humor and sarcasm other than twitterati?

Well, the creative minds on twitter never fail to entertain us with their funny content. They have never left an opportunity to troll Bollywood movies and celebrities. Every day we see someone or the other getting trolled and twitter timeline flooding with hilarious memes and tweets.

We at ‘The Funniest Indian’ keep looking for funny stories for our readers. Today, we bring you some incidents where Twitterati trolled Bollywood celebrities and won the internet.

Here, check out some of the most sarcastic and hilarious tweets about Bollywood and Bollywood celebrities, we found on the internet. Have a look:

1. When Bhai met real actors:

2. Because Ranveer Singh and normal can never go together:

3. And also the reactions of every girl Ranbir dated when he comes on stage:

4. Because cricket is love:

5. Uff uff mirchi:

6. Kun faya kun:

7. Bollywood is all about nepotism:

8. This one is epic:

9. Mr. Perfectionist for a reason:

10. Wait What?:


Written by Unnati Madan

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