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Dabbang’s Director Has Made Very Serious Allegations Against Salman Khan’s ‘Being Human’

Post Sushant Singh Rajput’s apparent suicide, the police have been doing their best to dig deeper and investigate this sudden life-ending decision of the young actor. There have been interrogations of his rumored girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty and his soon to be released film’s director Mukesh Chhabra among others. With each passing day, the case is further disclosing a lot of dirty secrets of Bollywood and the biggies who run it.

The power-drunk celebs are getting unmasked back to back by noted filmmakers, musicians, and actors about the nasty games these names play to keep their rule strong. Sonu Nigam had recently posted a video unfolding such a piece of news while until last night the Dabbang director Abhinav Kashyap made a raging post against father-son duo Salim Khan and Salman Khan that has gone viral on social media.

“Janaab Salim Khan ka sabse bada idea hai Being Human. Being Human ki charity mahaj ek dikhava hai… ‘Dabangg’ ki shooting ke dauran meri ankhon ke samne panch cycle bantti thi… Agle din akhbaron mein chhapta tha danveer Salman Khan ne 500 cycle gareebon mein baanti.. Saari koshish Salman Khan ki gunde mawali wali chhabi sudharne ki thi taaki inke tamaam criminal court cases mein media aur judge inpar thodi riyayat barte”

(Being Human is the biggest idea of Mr Salim Khan. The charity of Being Human is just a show off. During the shooting of ‘Dabangg’, five cycles were distributed in front of my eyes. The next day it would be out on the newspapers that Salman Khan has distributed 500 cycles among the poor. This was an attempt to change Salman Khan’s image as a goon, to influence the media and judge in his criminal court cases)

He further continued, “”Being Human aj 500 rupaye ki jeans 5000 me bechta hai.. aur pata nahi kin kin tarikon se charity ke naam par money laundering chal rahi hai… Seedhi saadi janta ki ankhon mein dhool jhonkkar unse note bator rahein hain yeh dhurt log… Inki mansha kisiko kuch dene ki nahi, sirf lene ki hai. Sarkar ko chahiye ki Being Human ki bhi gehri janch ho…main sarkar ka pura sehyog karunga”

(Today Being Human sells a Rs 500 jeans for Rs 5000. I don’t know in what other ways money laundering is happening in the name of charity. Innocent common people are fooled into paying money. They don’t intend to give anything to anyone, they just want to take. The government should investigate Being Human too. I will completely assist the government from my end).

Take a look at the post:

Earlier this post he took it to his Facebook account and had accused Salman Khan and his family of ruining his filmmaking career in Bollywood.

We can only hope Sushant receives his due justice for the unfair treatment he had received. Along with that, the entire mafia pack of Bollywood who aims to promote their dirt over real talent will hopefully get served with karma.

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