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40+ funny Photos From India That Made Everyone Laugh

We Indians are the coolest people in the world. From finding jugaads of everything to being the most creative people in the world, we Indians are the most entertaining people. Every day we receive hilarious pictures and videos on our WhatsApp groups, however, some of them are so funny that we just can’t stop ourselves from forwarding them to our friends. Let’s just thank all the people who captured these pictures and make our digital life funny.

Here, we bring you some of the funniest pictures we found on the internet. Have a look:

1. Proof that we Indians are the Kings of Jugaad:

2. We are also good in sarcasm:

3. What kind of name is this?:

4. Only place where you can have child beer:

5. Don’t forget to use diaper at night:

6. When you are less on resources but high on jugaadu skills:

7. Long leave this leader:

8. Hahaha….survivors will be prosecuted:

9. Raj Beds Ladies – what an invitation:

10. A perfect example of modern problem requires modern solutions:

11. Stand in Q:

12. When animals are more disciplined than humans:

13. Send witches, yeah perfect for dinner:

14. Take wives for your sons and give your daughters to husbands:

15. Hole sale:

16. When you have trust issues:

17. Why pay rent for a shop when road tax is so much less:

18.  Wish for a safe flight. Worship the gods, as simple as that:

19. Mashallah, Subhaan Allah. We love this English:

20. Indians are the most creative people:

21. Well, people are under construction ahead:

22. Well, this one seems normal now:

23. This seems like a piece of good news, progress in work:

24. This modification will increase the re-sale value of Maruti 800:

25. When you want to enjoy the feeling of driving a car but when you can only afford a bicycle:

26. Facebook’s head office after the apocalypse, maybe?

27. This one is epic:

28. Swag runs in our blood:

29. What a new invention:

30. Lol, accidents are prohibited:

31. We love the confidence here:

32. The apostrophe does absolutely nothing here:

33. Multitasking is the way:

34. We have our priorities set:

35. They must be from Delhi:

36. Dulhe ka sehra suhana lagta hai:

37. LMAO, this is epic:

38. India’s got talent:

39. Just look at the swag:

40. Wow:

41. Best one:

42. What is safety and umm…traffic rules?:

43. Look at that kid, omg:

What do you think?

Written by Unnati Madan

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