14 Times Indian Politicians Made Us Laugh Knowingly And Unknowingly


Over these years, the Indian political scene has transformed completely. From becoming one of the best leaders in the world to taking our country to new heights, our Indian politicians are leading the world.

While politics is a serious job, however, it can be funny too. India has some of the coolest politicians in the world, who not only love to flaunt their power but are also known for creating some awkward yet hilarious situations. And thanks to technology, these moments are well captured by Indians. Well, the internet is filled with hilarious images of Indian politicians, which are too funny to be missed.

We at ‘The Funniest Indian’ keeping looking for funny stories for our readers and what can be funnier than our Indian politicians in some awkward situations? From politicians in awkward situations to politicians sleeping in parliament, we bring you some of the most hilarious pictures we found on the internet.

Here, check out some of the funniest pictures of politicians we found on the internet. Have a look:

1. Go to Hell! Our Swag is enough for us:


2. Oops!:

3. Another one:

4. Damn! This looks bad:

5. Kyuki ye araam ka mamla hai:

6. Because anything can happen in India:

7. Politicians are funny:

8. We love their bromance:

9. Men will be men:

10. Because parliament is the best place to sleep:

11. Alexa play: “My heart will go on…”

12. Rahul baba is taking his nap:

13. Parliament is the most entertaining places to be at:

14. Aww: