10 Countries Where Indians Have Settled In Huge Numbers


Besides India, there’s any part of the world where you will not find Indians. According to the UN department of economic and social affairs data, India has the largest diaspora in the whole world. While India is a growing nation, but there are several countries around the world where Indians are getting very good opportunities and thus Indians are settled in almost all parts of the world.

From reasons related to work or for further studies, the population of Indians across the world is increasing due to the rise in global options every passing day. While we all know places like Canada have a high population of Indians, on the other hand, there are many other countries like Mauritius tops the list with 885,000 Indians.

Here, we bring you a complete list of 10 countries with the maximum percentage of the Indian population, have a look:

1. Mauritius:


Total population: 68.3%

Indian population: 885,000

2. Guyana:

Total population: 43.5%

Indian population: 327,000

3. Trinidad and Tobago:

Total population: 40.2%

Indian population: 525,000

4. Fiji:

Total population: 40.1%

Indian population: 340,000

5. United Arab Emirates:

Total population: 40%

Indian population: 2.2 million.

6. Reunion (France):

Total population: 28%

Indian population: 220,000

7. Suriname:

Total population: 27.4%

Indian population: 135,000

8. Kuwait:

Total population: 21.6%

Indian population: 580,000.

9. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:

Total population: 19.7%

Indian population: 21,500.

10. Oman:

Total population: 17.5%

Indian population: 450,000.