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7 Famous Bollywood Villains And Their Lesser Known Daughters

We have heard about the interesting chemistry between the daughters of the villain and the hero of a movie that used to spark amazing story lines on screen.

However, in this piece we will look at the beautiful daughters in the real lives of those celebrities who went on to play villains on the silver screens and if you go by their popularity scale, you may often notice that they will scale greater heights.

1. Kulbhusan Kharbanda

This 75-year old veteran Bollywood actor has rocked the sets with his amazing acting skills which has seen various sets of roles, spanning from a sidekick to a nefarious villain. His daughter Shruti Kharbanda is a very gorgeous young lady who has already been stealing the attention of several other stars.

2. Danny Denzongpa

One of the most illustrious villains of the industry in 90’s, Danny Denzongpa used to induce fear in the hearts of his counterparts.
His beautiful young daughter, Pema Denzongpa completed her B.A honours in animation and has completed further courses in London College of Communication.

3. Amjad Khan

Known for his infamous roles as villains across Bollywood, Amjad Khan was one of the best on-screen personalities.

He passed away in 1992, being survived by his three kids, Shadab and Seemaab Khan who are the sons and his gorgeous daughter, Ahlam Khan.

In 2011, Ahlam got hitched to theatre actor, Jafar Karachiwala.

4. Kiran Kumar

Kiran Kumar was a significant name in terms of villains across the entire industry.
His daughter Srishti Kumar is a fashion designer and consultant. She also runs the brand called Sush and Sish, which specialises in jewellery and clothing.

5. Ranjit

Another religious name in the roster of villainy is Ranjit. Playing several roles in the antiquity of villains, he is hailed as one of the best of the industry.
His daughter, Dibyanka is a very famous jewellery designer.

6. Shakti Kapoor

Known for his superb acting skills that used to range between comedy and villainy, Shakti Kapoor is an imperative moniker in the Bollywood industry.

His daughter Shraddha Kapoor needs no seperate introduction as she is one of the most gorgeous ladies of the industry known for her fabulous acting skills.

7. Naseeruddin Shah

One of the most versatile actors and commentators, Bollywood has ever seen, Naseeruddin Shah still continues to be at his phenomenal best.

His daughter, Heeba Shah is a gorgeous face in the industry and is also a stage actress.

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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