15 Hilarious ‘Wrong Number’ Conversations That Went Viral


From our regular listless lives, we have learnt that even the slightest of deviations can be a massive boost for us. In fact, if this boost comes in the form of humour from an absolute stranger, life becomes a lot more fun.

We have faced several wrong number incidents where in most of the occasions it is either a very curt reply that snuffs out the conversation in a split second or at times a full-blown tirade that can blast your ears. However, a few got lucky in wrong number situations. We will have a look at 15 wrong number texts that comprises humour, anger and even grit.

1. When wrong numbers give you an opportunity to dream, even better fantasize

A girl ends up sharing one of her pictures in lingerie to a wrong number. Being a classic opportunist, the one at the other end asks for another, of course showing a lot of guts.

Guess what, the mission was successful.


2. Holy molly, get a laugh, please

A picture was sent in a very weird pose to a wrong number, post which another follow up apology made situations extremely cringe-worthy.

3. Who will come first in a contest of being sexy?

Another attempt to woo someone through a picture went horribly wrong as it ended with someone of the same sex and the person replied on the wrong number with an even funnier comment.

4. The Rick and Morty feeling

In a text where parents sent a notification to their child’s teacher in order to apprise that their kid won’t be attending the coaching, the person at the other end, took the fun to another level and informed that the kid will be eliminated out of the team.

5. No Discount post this!

A free-flowing discussion between a buyer and a seller went in two opposite poles as someone talked about selling a fan while the other was talking about sex.

6. The Mysterious receiver

It is a very difficult dance to shake your feet to, while you do not know the person at the other end. However, if you know how to play along, believe me life can give you a jackpot like the one in the picture.

7. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

A very excited guy thought that he has been hitting on the lady of his dreams unless the one at the other end had to break his misconception the hard way.

8. An ardent party animal wants to party

This man on the phone was surprised at a text which made him jump to his life’s happiness only when he was asked to come partying. However, it vanished shortly as the text was entirely meant for someone else.

9. Aunt catches you red-handed

This young kid wanted to do some social service at the sperm bank when he asked his girl for a nude. Unfortunately the text went to his aunt, who played down the incident very calmly.

10. No Beiber concerts at all

This young girl was venting out her frustrations as she was not allowed to see a concert. At the other end, a 30-year old man replied in the most hilarious way, you would ever come across.

11. Don’t wrong number the Grammar Nazi

It was a full blown rant aimed at another girl for stealing this lady’s boyfriend. However, what followed thereafter was further salt to her wound.

12. Freedom is your birthright

Apparently, this user at the other end wanted to just watch a movie. However, he was up for some patriotic pride from his counterpart.

13. Okay then, bye child!

In a very hilarious text a neighbor or a relative may have tried to congratulate Kennan’s behavior, but in the end she was left with the kid.

14. Hello Roomies, Mom’s home

Apparently a cover up strategy ended up blowing the cover as this young sender wanted to introduce his parents to his partner as a roommate but mothers always know.

15. Sorry Dad, may you rest in peace!

Something as sensitive as your dad’s demise is not something to joke about but in a text, the two senders exchanged downright rudeness to greet the mourning.