12 Pictures That Are More Confusing Than They Appear


Pictures can be an enthralling way to keep you entertained as it gives you an exact idea of what is unfolding around you and also it assuages your desire for the fact of what your brain wants to see. Hence, every single words that we pen, intrigues or piques the fascination of the reader and we have to be careful about collecting the exact pictures which will pander to the imaginations of our readers.

However, a few pictures are clicked with some added weirdness which probably stands out because of the surreal facets which feature in the picture. It feels that they are something which we would least expect but we need to comprehend that they were there in the first place because of a certain angle from which the picture was taken or probably the weird timing at which the picture was snapped. We will look at fifteen such pictures which seem weird in the first place but on a second observation, it unfolds itself in the clearest ways.

1. A couple sharing a cute hug amongst themselves

In this picture below, it is very hard to discern that whose face it is in front. At the first sight it would seem as if the face of the boy is weirdly big. However, on close observation of the picture we will realize that the boy is sitting on the couch while the girl is hugging him from the back.

2. Alright that is a massive body for such a small head


From the initial glimpse one would believe that this is a weirdly crafted body. However, if you look closely into it you will realize that the body belongs to someone else while the head belongs to someone else.

3. Another body which is not supposed to be normal

The man’s head in the picture is weirdly out of proportions going by the size of the picture. However, it is the mum’s physique, and the boy slowly heading ahead while the dad stares at the camera from the back.

4. Okay, love will always be weird

A hug which confuses us completely about the exact position of the two subjects of the picture, finally unspools itself in astounding fashion. It is the girl’s body that lurks in front while the girl’s face hides behind that of the boy.

5. You gotta carry your love

This snap of a man carrying his partner can be interpreted horribly wrong at the first glance because the faces and the physiques are way out of place. However, it eventually comes out that the man’s t-shirt colour is exactly that of the girl’s pant which sparked all the confusions.

6. The left hand path

This woman in black created a massive confusion in the picture as it seemed as if the lady in the back was nude. But the revelation shortly dawned on that it is entirely her hand that blocked the view.

7. Make way for the camera

This picture was all over the place as the lady facing backwards had her hair cascaded all over the place, making everyone think that the hair is a mound of the camera.

8. The bald can be very scary

The man kissing his son in the picture covered the entire face of the child. However, from the first glance, it would feel as if the child has a face without eyes, nose and other facial features.

9. The horse effect

Something of this kind created ripple effects in the social media as the couple tried to play horse. In the picture apparently the lady whose feet can be seen is exercising while the man in front stands tall.

10. The hand and feet blended

This picture had me startled for a good deal of time until I realized that the woman’s arm was shrouded behind her feet. It feels like another infusion.

11. The knee that feels like cojones

So the lady who was trying to peek from the back was balancing herself on her knee. This however, went horribly wrong as it made the picture look as if it was exposing someone’s cojones.

12. The white headed magician

The basket ball player stood so tall in front of the commentator, that when the latter looked up, it felt as if the white head entirely belonged to the basket ball player.