12 Hilarious WhatsApp Chats That Desi Kids Had With Their Parents


Indian parents are famous worldwide for their unique way of upbringing children. There is a reason why Indian children can survive in any tough situation and that is because of the solid background that the parents gave them. While the trends have changed a bit now, India is slowly adopting the foreign culture of letting their kids go on their own ways after their teenage.

There is nothing wrong with this technique. However, a few kids end up taking the wrong and unethical route, leading to an increase in the crime rate. Still, Indian parents keep their kids with them at least until the kid is 10 years old.

After that, some funny situations happen in their real lives which we will try to present in the form of WhatsApp conversations.

(Source – Scoopwhoop.com)

Indian Moms are always one step ahead of their sons


When new to the platform, some moms feel WhatsApp has a rule of sending a Hi! to the other person, no matter whatever the situation he is in!

When your mom is new to the mobile keyboard!

Some Indian parents have a unique obsession with science stream

Dad is dad!

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When you are intelligent but your parents do not understand your words

The reason why many kids have turned off their last seen updates

Dad proving once again why he is 100 steps ahead of you!

Scolding you on WhatsApp for keeping your phone at home!

Mom can trick you any place, any time!

At the end of the day, she cares the most for you!