Twitterati Are Trolling KRK After He Tried To Insult PM Modi And His Supporters

Kamaal Rashid Khan or KRK is one of the most controversial names in Bollywood. He is very active on his social media, where he is known for making derogatory and controversial tweets for celebrities and prominent people around the nation.

From taking brutal digs on Bollywood celebrities television shows and movies to asking people to ‘boycott’ specific celebrities and shows, Kamaal R Khan or KRK has always grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons. Also, he never fails to express his dislike-ness towards the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Recently, KRK took to his twitter and wrote a tweet insulting PM Modi and their supporters. In his tweet, KRK wrote how educated people are having hopes for a better future from a man who used to sell tea. Describing it as the ‘worst’ situation, he wrote:

“इससे बुरा वक्त और क्या हो सकता है! कि आज हम उस दौर में है, जहां एक PHD, engineering, MBBS, MBA किया हुआ इंसान, चाय वाले को वोट देकर, अपने बेहतर भविष्य की उम्मीद करता है!”

(which roughly translates to: “What could be worse than this, that today we are in an era where a Ph.D., engineer, MBBS, MBA person is having hopes for a better future by voting for a tea seller”)

Here, check out his tweet:

As soon as the tweet caught eyes, it angered twitterati, who are now trolling KRK left, right and center for his tweet. People came up with hilarious replies to troll KRK over his tweet.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:


Written by Vaibhav Sharma

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