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A Man Thought His Camera Is Off And Started ‘Satisfying’ Himself In The Middle Of A Conference Call

The Coronavirus pandemic has halted human lives around the world. From people maintaining ‘social distancing’ to ‘working from home’, a lot has been changed in our day to day lives but thanks to technology, things have become simpler for us.

While technology is solving the purpose of making human lives easier than it ever was, it has, sadly, opened ways for people to embarrass themselves in public.

In the latest instance, a man named ‘Daniel’ was in the middle of an office conference, when he decided to ‘satisfy’ himself. Yes, you read it right.

Well, a video has been making rounds on the internet where Daniel was bored to death amidst an official conference call, so much that he decided to ‘take care of himself’ while the rest of the people continued with their call.

As the video begins, Daniel can be seen bringing the tools of the trade from his bathroom, which includes a lotion and tissue papers as he started prepping to ‘take care of himself’. However, while doing so, he forgot to turn off his webcam and what happened next has left the whole internet into splits.

The video is so hilarious that we just can’t get over it and is good to be not shared with you all. Here, watch the video:

The tweet has gone extremely viral on social media and has been flooded with hilarious reactions from people around the world. From capturing the particular expressions of the people in the video to coming up with their hilarious takes on this, twitterati just can’t stop talking about this video.

Here, we bring you some of the hilarious reactions of Twitterati on this:

Written by Unnati Madan

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