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9 Pictures That Are More Confusing Than They Appear

Pictures speak a thousand words. There are moments captured which will make us go all emotional and drooly. Some pictures make us laugh while some are plain embarrassing. Also, we love seeing other people’s funny pictures.

But at times people go all the way to make themselves look stupid. And the way looking stupid has been made popular, all thanks to the social media, people leave no stones unturned to look for ideas to be lame.

Here we have a few pictures to prove that. These pictures will literally make you wonder “why the [email protected]#$ would anyone do that”.

The journey begins!

  1. The teacher wanted a duster with better coverage. This is level 1001.

2. Rich enough to buy a luxury car, poor enough to cannot afford movers and packers.

3. This guy tried to defame Pikachu. This is an international crime. The impostor is caught and Pikachu is definitely ashamed. You can tell that by the way, he is hiding his face on the wall.

4. This is a laptop until you can sit on its lap. Wait, what? This is so cool, right? Also, makes you question the purpose!

5. The house storeroom is full. So why not use your car for the same? Keep piling up till one day you realize you need to drive the car!

6. If next time somebody asks you why you don’t like veggies, show them this picture and scare the shit out of them!

7. Someone confused prom night with a Satanic ritual

8. He wanted to get ham-mered. Punny, right!




Which one is most questionable over here? Tell us in the comments!

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