34 Pictures Prove That Something Can Only Happen in India

India is an incredible country. The nation has been home to some of the sharpest minds on the planet. Some intelligent men have either become the CEOs of the world’s top companies, while the common men of this country have also mastered the art of maximizing their lifestyle with the income that they have.

These ‘desi jugaads’ have often led to some crazy moments and here are 34 photos that prove that these things happen only in India.

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Please keep a space between apostrophe and ‘s’ 

The apostrophe does absolutely nothing here

When you newly discover that water is also H20

What was in the bottles before

The best way to save lives on the road

We have solved the problem of accidents by authoritative signs

Starbucks CEO would commit suicide after seeing this!

There is something not quite right about the Starbucks on Baga Beach in Goa

Did Mark Zuckerburg start Facebook from this building?

Facebook’s office after the apocalypse

The best commercial in newspaper history

So sad that the caring boy can’t get his up - Thank God that it’s curable

Because Gender equality is necessary 

Dhoom 4 has been cast already Looks like the boys’ gang in Dhoom finally has competition

When signboard helps you motivate to do some work 

Real good news that there has been some progress in work Thanks for keeping us posted

As mentioned ahead, ‘desi jugaads’

Getting this modification done will certainly increase the re-sale value of this Maruti 800

Vehicle manufacturing companies need to learn something from the street-smart people

Enjoy the feeling of driving a car when you ride this bicycle. Go ahead, test out this cutting edge technology

The mini versions of Hulk

Do they expect the Hulk to visit anytime soon

Never knew someone can construct people also!

A construction site for people to be constructed I thought cloning needed better scientific criteria to be observed

Coronavirus can wait, weddings and matching designs are priorities 

Paranoid about swine flu This is pushing it a bit too far, especially with the colour coordinated face masks

Save rent, maximize your vehicle usage

Why pay rent for a shop when road tax is so much less

Best way to protect a flight from hijacking

Wish for a safe flight - Worship the gods, so what if it’s near the runway

When you know what you want to say but do not know how to say it in English 

Masha Allah, Subhaan Allah. English and logic don’t live here

The modern version of the Barter system

Barter system being practiced in this agency

Probably mice would need to hunt for holes in the future

A subtle message of wisdom with excellent diction

A unique way to protect something in a sack

Who needs Swiss banks when you can lock your sack

When you smartly save advertisement by reducing letters


Even cattle need to stand in line!

I know of people who often travel without a ticket but it seems cattle follow rules better than human beings

Customers can order food and also send witches if they have some

Is this a sign from the late 1800s I thought witch hunting had stopped

Wait, what? Don’t use Google Translate so much, please!

And the sexual innuendos continue - I thought the Metro sites were covered to avoid accidents but it turns out I was wrong

Just a signboard saying gents and ladies can go from different directions

Another example of too frank a sign It is often the most unwanted words that make for such hilarious double meanings

Adding a Bihari accent to English 

OK, I am sure Raj will be doing that but to write it, decorate it and give the date too seems little odd

Do tell us if this man is coming in or going out when you get the answer!

So, is this man making an entry or exit

One cooler, two rooms cooled!

The answer to your colling needs in two rooms

Perhaps, they wanted their leader to leave for long!

Don’t you just love to see a bunch of strangers Photoshopped together with creepy English

Not allowed to swim here

Checkmate - Don’t swim here

When you studied in Hindi medium schools, but your customers are from English medium schools!

The best example of phonetics, desi ishtyle. And where else, in our beloved Punjab

A lovely message from a truck driver to all the young kids and parents out there!

If you need a diaper chances are that you would need it to be at your extraction points at all times but I respect the ad

Why should someone waste the pressure generated by a pressure cooker? After all, he helped you cook your food. 

The jugaad janta of India can put to use any junk they can lay their hands on

When your customers irritate you so much, but still you do not wish to disrespect them on their faces. 

Confusing. Is this extremely good sarcasm or not You are welcome, perhaps

Medical science can turn anything into a disease!

Would you go to this doctor

Thus, these are the 34 crazy botches that one can witness only in India. Still, India is one of the greatest countries on the planet. While everyone is struggling to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, India has fought it bravely. Also, the country has helped others in their battles against the disease!

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Written by Vinay Chhabria

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