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14 Weirdos Who Took Creativity To Another Level Altogether

At times you look at a few people and wonder, how in the world they could come up with such eccentric ideas, don’t you? Such is the extent of creativity that makes us question our worth to ourselves. If only we had half that brain!

Presenting a few photographs that will make you go “how” “oh damn” “crazy” and “no way” in your expressions. Some are hilarious some are straight-up savage.


  1. We have heard of a third eye……this is the third arm from the smart ass university!

2. Nothing would describe “god helps those who help themselves” better than this guy’s creativity.

3. No one:

Badass moms:

4. Mafia Don in the making. This boy went to school and on his first day, he carried a briefcase while he was all suited. He opened the briefcase only to carry his phone.

5. Well, you can certainly play, till you don’t get in the red zone. Would you like to continue?

6. Somebody give his guy a medal already!

7. Mom said to eat homecooked meals.

Good boys:

8. Double the gain…..swing for the baby, lightweight training for all that wiggly wobbly fat.

9. Not sure if that’s smart work but that’s definitely a talent!

10. All my ladies, time to change your nail game!

11. The perfect hairstyle doesn’t exist-

The perfect hairstyle:

12. Students wanted to annoy teachers by settling the chairs sideways on the floor.

The “kiss my ass” teacher who outsmarted them:

13. The teacher thought it is a nicotine patch. It was one until-

14. Father from the future!

Which one is your favorite out of all the pictures? If you have one such genius experience to share, let us know in the comments!

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